Emilie Martinoni Hoogenboom

Emilie Martinoni Hoogenboom

For 150 years, the Unione Ticinese (UT) has provided important support and point of reference for emigrants from the Italian part of Switzerland and their descendants, eager to maintain language, culture, and traditions in London. The UT also serves anyone with a fondness and appreciation for Ticino. Despite having evolved through the years, the values of friendship, heritage and innovation have provided a constant throughout the centuries.

We are grateful to our members for their continuous support and to our many sponsors and partners, whose contributions have enabled us to mark the UT jubilee with an extensive programme!

In honour of the Society’s 150th foundation anniversary on the 8th of February 1874, the UT Committee is delighted to present a range of events scheduled throughout the jubilee year in 2024.

We look forward to seeing many you attend the celebrations and events, and we hope that everyone will discover something that captivates their interest.